”Pro Witness” Dennis Ngengi arrested in Naivasha as an alleged conman

Dennis Muigai Ngengi. He has denied being the one who witnessed the Lake Nakuru Chopper crash [courtesy]

The man behind a rare coincidence in witnessing two high profile accidents in Kenya is now in police custody.

Mr. Dennis Ngengi claimed to have witnessed Governor Wahome Gakuru’s accident at Kenol, as well as Lake Nakuru chopper accident that claimed the life of pilot Apollo Malowa and others.

Ngengi was arrested in Naivasha on Thursday night by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and he was driven to Nairobi for further questioning.

At the scene of the helicopter crash in Nakuru, Ngengi introduced himself as a ”State Pilot”, and claimed to have been good friends with the late pilot Apollo Malowa.


According to police sources, it is emerging that Ngengi is not a police officer but an alleged con taking advantage of high profile accidents. It is reported that Ngengi was traveling from Utawala when he heard of the Kenol accident involving Governor Gakuru and drove there to address the press.

Ngengi wore Bluetooth sunglasses similar to those worn by high profile security personnel in both times as he addressed the media.

Police have confiscated his car for further investigations.