Queen Jane died from depression caused by toxic love, family says

Queen Jane
Queen Jane. [Photo: YouTube]

The family of the late Kikuyu benga artiste Jane Nyambura alias Queen Jane has spoken of her death 10 years later.

Her sisters Lady Wanja and Princess Aggie recently on Metha ya Kagoni YouTube intimated that Queen Jane’s death was out of a selfish lover.

Lady Wanja said they did not recognize the man as her husband because he never informed her family of the marriage. It was a ‘come-we-stay’ relationship according to the sisters.

The late singer got depressed from her lover’s philandering behaviour, violence and stealing from her.

“Jane fell sick after she fell into depression. This is after she met a man and made him her husband. He is the one who depressed her till she died,” Lady Wanja said adding that he would beat her and sleep around with other women.

They blamed their sister for keeping quiet about it all and refusing to walk away from the toxic relationship. She battled her depression silently even as the man squandered her hard-earned cash.

The sisters said that it was so bad that she was left with debts and had to go perform to pay them.

One day, she walked into the bank to withdraw money but was shocked to find all the money withdrawn. She collapsed and was taken to hospital.

Before her demise, Queen Jane was living at Princess Aggie’s place. The last time she fell ill, she was at her sister’s place and did not make it out of the hospital.

The sisters said that Jane’s death was a big blow to the family because they got into music because of her. It affected her mother more because she loved Jane so much.

Her mother died a few years later.