September 22, 2019

Questions abound how lone gunman kept police battling for 18 hours at Ruto’s home

Questions have emerged on how a lone gunman was able to gain access at Deputy President William Ruto’s Sugoi home and battled elite security forces for 18 hours before being killed.

Ruto is the second most guarded leader after President Uhuru Kenyatta.

It was discovered today that there was only one assailant contrary to reports that the number of attackers was four.

According to Rift Valley regional coordinator Wanyama Musiambu, the lone assailant had no gun when entered the DP’s compound on Saturday, some few minutes after 11:20 am.

He snatched it from an officer he found at the gate after slashing his arm with a machete.

He proceeded towards the second gate when other officers in the compound shot back at him and he dashed back taking cover at the armory near the main gate.

This is where he was holed up since noon.

There were conflicting reports that they were four assailants who stormed the compound posing as visitors seeking an audience with the DP who had left the home an hour before their arrival for a rally in Trans Nzoia.

Musiambu said the gunman had access to different guns and took different positions making police believe there were several of them.

“He was alone. He had no gun upon his arrival. He actually used our guns which he snatched from our officers and he made us believe that they were several while he was actually alone,” said the regional coordinator on Sunday in Sugoi.

Presidential elite guards, Recce squad responded to the attack and battled the lone gunman from 12pm to about 2am when he was killed.

One of the officers was killed during the shoot out while another is recuperating in hospital.

A statement by the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet said that the officer is in stable condition.

Following the incident, Kenyans have questioned just how easy it was for the gunman to access the DPs home and launch a scathing gun battle with security apparatus for hours.