August 24, 2019

Raila responds to envoys’ call to recognize Uhuru’s legitimacy as President

NASA leader Raila Odinga addressing victims of kijiji fire in Langata. []

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has hit back at envoys hours after they asked him to recognize President Uhuru Kenyatta as the duly elected leader.

The diplomats, 11 of them on Sunday in a joint statement urged Raila to recognize Uhuru’s presidency and embark on national dialogue.

“The Opposition needs to accept this as the basis for the dialogue that it and many Kenyans want,” said US ambassador Robert Godec according to the Star.

However, Raila on Sunday when he visited victims of Kijiji fire in Langat’a jibed the envoys telling them to stay away from matters Kenya.

He said Kenya is an independent country and no one should meddle with its business.

“We want to tell them that Kenya is an independent country and they can only be observers… we know their positions.

They cannot come out here and tell us about democracy… we do not need advice from Godec and British High commissioner,” charged Raila.

Raila categorically stated that the envoys’ play was to get him to their trap.

“We are independent and we will deal with our matters as Kenyans…What they are saying is baseless, they want us to enter into traps.

“Those envoys are hypocrites, stop interfering with our business in a colonial way, we will not accept to be colonised again.”

He said their call to do business with Kenya is punctuated with dishonesty and selfish gain because they undermine Kenya’s democracy.

“They say they want to do business. Their aim is to strike business deals with Kenya then loot to their country. They don’t care about democracy,” said Raila.