July 21, 2019

Raila, Uhuru Kisumu visit coming soon

Scores of Kisumu residents listening to Raila Odinga in Kondele. [www.the-star.co.ke]

President Uhuru Kenyatta will soon visit Kisumu accompanied by opposition Chief Raila Odinga, a statement from the latter indicates.

Raila shortly after visiting residents of Kondele on Friday, turned to twitter where he lauded them for believing in his course in working together with Uhuru, his longtime political rival.

“I wish to thank the people of Kisumu for a very warm welcome and strongly endorsing the national reconciliation process that we are undertaking for the sake of our beloved nation. Asanteni sana (Thank you very much),” stated the former Prime Minister.

He told Kisumu residents that there are nine points which they will address together with the President for the sake of unity in the country.

“We agreed to address nine key points with the Head of State. This will ensure political working arrangements bringing together Luos, Kalenjins and Kikuyus who have been at loggerheads for long,” he said in his address to the people in Kondele according to the Star.

He defended his move to dialogue with the President for the sake of Kenyans saying though it was painful, it will cushion the people from adversaries of continued strains in their political ties.

“I sat with the President to sign the memorandum because I greatly considered the interests of the country.

“It was, however, a painful decision to make but in order to deal with a myriad of challenges facing Kenyans I had to do so.”

The two leaders met a week ago on Friday at Harambee House where they publicly announced to work together.

Besides touring Kisumu where several projects will be launched, the two leaders will tour other NASA strongholds to preach unity and roll out mega development.