December 13, 2018

Raila, Uhuru meet at Harambee House, bury hatchet

President Uhuru Kenyatta has met NASA leader Raila Odinga.

The two leaders met at Harambee House on Friday where they were holed up in a meeting before they came out and addressed the press.

Raila was first to address the Journalists outside Harambee House.

Fondly referring to the President as “my brother”, Raila said they have resolved to work together.

He said that it is time to unite Kenyans and that the dissent has ended and they will work to unite the country.

“We have been pouring new wine into old wine skins. We need leaders to secure the goals of peace, unity and justice. Such a time has come for Kenya,” stated the opposition Chief.

“We refuse to allow our diversity to kill our nation. We have travelled so far. We cannot make it to our destination without bridging the gap,” he went on

The NASA leader said time has come for leaders to fight for the future of Kenya’s generation.

“We need to save our children from ourselves. My brother and I have come together to say ‘this dissent stops here’. We refuse to allow our diversity to kill the nation,” averred Raila.

On his part, Uhuru called for unity among Kenyans noting the concluded elections in 2017 deeply divided the country.

But, he noted, “Elections come and go but Kenya remains.”

The President said his meeting with the opposition leaders has offered solution on how to end problems ailing the country which gives birth to a new political arena in Kenya.

“All we want is a common understanding that Kenya is greater than any one individual. Leaders must come together and discuss their differences on what ails the country like ethnic divisions across the country,” Uhuru said.

“We now mark a new beginning as we match together on bringing our people together. We look forward to the support of every leader and every Kenyan.”

The meeting comes amid pressure from several quarters for the President to hold talks with his nemesis.

The US in particular has been insisting that national dialogue should be held with the aim to repair ties broken within Kenya’s 42 tribes during the prolonged election period.



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