Raw sewage channelled to Nairobi National Park choking wild animals

Raw Sewage at the Nairobi National Park. [Photo: Star]

There is great hue and cry over the release of raw sewage into the Nairobi National Park near Hyena Dam.

The issue was first raised by photographer Paolo Torchio who.

“Nairobi National Park. Stinking like hell. Unreal colors, water green like pea soup. Brilliant blue foam. This is the corner at the entrance of the Hyena dam! What is happening? Torchio posted according to the Star.

“Why are the competent authorities blind? Hippos, crocodiles, and birds are living inside cesspool but no action is taken. It was hard to breathe while taking those photos.”

Friends of Nairobi National Park (FoNNaP), a lobby group overseeing the conservation of Nairobi National Park wrote to Nema over the issue through its chairman Gareth Jones.

An assessment by the National Environment Management Authority (Nema) indicates that a ruptured sewer line had been channeled to the park.

Secondly, garbage has clogged sewer pipes and caused an overflow.

“We have received the complaints. This morning we sent an enforcement team with officers from the Kenya Wildlife Service,” Nema director-general Mamo told the Star on Friday.

The sewer is flowing into a wetland which supplies water to Hyena Dam according to FoNNaP.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the Ministry of Tourism have been notified about the issue.

“We request Nema to act to kindly act rapidly, working together with the Kenya Wildlife Service to avoid further environmental pollution that is already having a negative toxic effect on the animals and plants within the Nairobi National Park,” FoNNaP stated.

Nairobi National Park is home to the big five and the only park in the city. It hosts over 400 migratory birds.

Hyena Dam is a major source of water for animals in the park, especially those in the lower part of the park.

Water from the wetlands flows on to River Athi.