Reports: Caroline Kangogo dated Ndwiga, he helped her escape Nakuru murder

Caroline Kangogo
Caroline Kangogo. [Photo: Courtesy]

As police continue investigating the murders of Constable John Ongweno and security expert Peter Ndwiga, more revelations are coming out.

According to preliminary investigations, the two men were in an affair with Corporal Caroline Kangogo, the alleged murderer.

She is alleged to have shot Ongweno in Nakuru and fled with his Ceska pistol, which is said to have used to kill Ndwiga in the same style – a close-range shot in the head.

On Thursday, it emerged that Caroline dated Ndwiga before dating Ongweno, who was six months old at the Nakuru police station where the suspect worked.

This was despite being married to a senior Maritime police boss with who they had two kids.

Her friends say they had separated due to her philandering ways.

Caroline loved for months before she met Ongweno.

Now, police say it is likely she called Ndwiga for help after murdering the junior cop and escaping.

His father, Barnaba Kipkoech Korir and mother Leah Jepkosgei Kangogo interviewed a local TV station on Wednesday said they are sorry about what has happened.

“Tunaambia familia mbili enye walipoteza watoto yao pole (We are apologizing to the two families that lost their loved ones),” her father said at their Nyawa Village home in Elgeyo Marakwet.

Caroline’s parents said they do not understand what is happening with their daughter.

They said Caroline is their firstborn and has been humble. But they regret that she took away the lives of Constable John Ogweno and Peter Ndwiga in the most bizarre murder.

Her mother said she is yet to understand what happened to her daughter that she got to a point where she is taking away lives.

“She did wrong by killing people. She could not have killed the two people however much she was harangued. She should have consulted us on any issue that is disturbing her. She is our firstborn child and I don’t know what the problem was that she had to kill the two. I have been shocked that she is a murderer,” her mother said.