#RespectRailaOdinga: Kenyans strongly defend Raila over claims he deserted Miguna

NASA boss Raila Odinga. []

Kenyans have taken offence with assertions by embattled self-styled NRM ‘general’ Miguna Miguna over a statement he made lambasting Raila Odinga for allegedly failing to help him enter the country.

Miguna on Saturday in a statement from Dubai where he is currently marooned chided the opposition leader for travelling abroad to enjoy his Easter holidays while he suffers.

“Raila Odinga cannot and should not be enjoying Easter abroad and dining with the tyrants when the person who swore him in as the people’s president is being “murdered” by those who stole his election and who have killed and maimed his supporters,” read part of the statement according to Daily Nation.

Raila though, went to JKIA where he tried to secure Miguna’s release. He tried calling President Uhuru Kenyatta but his efforts did not pay off.

Miguna was deported on Wednesday evening following a three-day stand-off between him and the state over his citizenship. He has been in Dubai since Thursday morning. He says he will not proceed to Canada; he must return to Kenya.

Nonetheless, Kenyans on twitter have not taken this statement lightly and through hashtag-#RespectRailaOdinga, they have called out Miguna to show respect.

@Nyamaiphilip tweeted under #RespectRailaOdinga: “He was awake at night trying to stop Miguna redeportation when his equals were asleep, only for the millennial to fault him, #RespectRailaOdinga.”

@AdudaLeo said: “To be @Raila Odinga is the most difficult fulltime job one can ever have. Some [people] even the ones you are helping want a piece of you. Others knock you down to be relevant in politics #RespectRailaOdinga.”

Manyonyi MD told Miguna to stop forcing the hand of Kenyans to pick him and forget Raila because if they have to pick between them, they will definitely pick Raila.

“By attacking @Raila Odinga, General @MigunaMiguna is forcing us to make a choice him or Baba. We will never abandon Baba #RespectRailaOdinga,” noted Manyonyi.

Jectone Oyoo, advised Miguna to learn when to fight and when to retreat. “Dr. Miguna Miguna should also know that bellicosity has an end. He needs to learn when to retreat and restrategize. #RespectRailaOdinga.”

Alvin Otema warned the fiery NASA activist that no one can fix Raila because he is always one step.

“There is always one man ahead of the game. You can’t fix him. Long live papa Fidel @Raila Odinga #RespectRailaOdinga,” @OtemaKE inferred.