Rev Lucy Natasha bails out struggling ‘Twendi Twendi’ hitmaker Justina Syokau

Justina Syokau
Justina Syokau (r) with Rev Lucy Natasha. [Photo: Lucy Natasha]

Justina Syokau, the ‘Twendi Twendi’ hitmaker is a perfect example of how illness can wipe out your investments worth millions in a bat of an eye.

Today, Justina is a troubled soul; she’s come out appealing for help after a misdiagnosis ended up destroying her liver.

On Sunday, flashy city pastor Rev Lucy Natasha visited her after her public plea.

Rev Natasha gave her Ksh50,000 in cash and helped raise another Ksh100,000 in a jiffy via Facebook.

Rev Natasha also pledged to supply Justina with house shopping for three months.

In January 2021, she developed rashes on her skin and went to the hospital to seek treatment. She was diagnosed with dermatophytes.

“After a week, the rashes had spread all over my body, and they were itchy. I stopped taking meat, eggs and started detoxing. In the second week, the rashes started forming black spots, and I went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with dermatophytes,” she told Kauhunjia on his YouTube channel recently.

After taking the prescribed medication, the rashes did not go away. The drugs ended up affecting her and she sought a second opinion.
It is then that she was diagnosed with eczema and given a different set of drugs that failed to cure her.

For a third time, the ‘Twendi Twendi’ hitmaker known for her fiery dancing moves went to a third hospital where she was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis.

She was admitted to detoxify her liver as it had been damaged by the previous medication prescribed to her.

“People started saying that I had been bewitched and advised me to apply pig oil on the affected area. Being a Christian, I did not take that route and instead went to the third hospital and was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis,” she added.

The ailment left the mother of one impoverished as she sold her property and household items to foot the hefty hospital bills.

“I was broke, and I told my house help to sell my household items so we can raise funds. I sold my clothes and shoes to offset the hospital bill,” she said.

She has since been struggling with raising money to sustain herself and her family but it has been tough.

Since her story went viral, a section of Kenyans advised her to maintain humility after following utterances she issued in September 2020 saying she cannot date a broke man.

Justina at the time said that she has invested in real estate and is living a good life. All this came back haunting her as Kenyans asked questions following her appeal.