Rev Lucy Natasha: How woman nearly brought down her ministry with viral claims

Rev Lucy Natasha
Rev Lucy Natasha. [Photo: Courtesy]

For the last two days, self-styled city preacher Reverend Lucy Natasha was the talk of the town following a barrage of attacks on her spirituality.

And the woman behind it all was one Martha Mwihaki Hinga. She used images belonging to another Diana Fumbilwa and peddled her alleged exposé on the behind-the-scenes in Prophetic Latter Glory Ministry International.

Martha later deleted all her pseudo-social media handles she used to peddle her claims trending for 48 hours.

In Martha’s narration, she painted a picture of a church dogged by sexual impurity and conman ship.

What shocked the world was that she allegedly spoke of dark forces and an arrangement to force her to sleep with a famous Nigerian pastor.
She claimed that Natasha invited her for dinner and a Nigerian guest speaker, her mother, brother, and her assistance with a hidden agenda.

Soon after, Rev. Natasha and her mother and the brother left, leaving her with her aide and the Nigerian guest preacher.

”…Within 20 minutes I realized that Lucy had left together with her brother and mom, and I in the company of the pastor and the aide were left, little did I know that the girl was part of the script for a Threesome. Hahaha, yes I said a threesome,” part of her statement read.

Martha was, however, not given heads up, unlike the preacher and reverend’s assistance. The preacher asked them to pray together, but instead, they allegedly sandwiched her, a move she thought aimed to kill her.

“I knew this was not a prayer but something else, perhaps a plan to kill me, because the thought of a sexual encounter was far-fetched. How now?” she added.

This continued narrating how she tried to fight ‘dark forces’, but they were too strong for her.

On Wednesday, Rev Natasha issued a statement condemning Martha for spreading falsehoods.

Through her communication team, she dismissed the allegations as stunts to tarnish her image.

“As a ministry that is very active in preaching through various social media platforms, we seek to unequivocally dissociate ourselves with a malicious story tarnishing the reputation of our leader Rev Natasha and the ministry we are doing,” Rev Natasha’s statement read.

She added that her Miracle Monday segment has been ongoing since 2017, and no such claims have ever been reported.

” We began our Miracle Monday Services in October 2017 and the same has been publicly broadcasted on our official handles. In the greatest words, the story and expose going round is totally false, unfounded, and out there to disparage our mandate,” she added.

“It’s worth noting that the said Martha Mwihaki Hinga is a Pseudo account that has now deactivated; she and/or her cohort has never been part of us,” she concluded.