Rogue boda boda rider calmly confesses to defiling 7-year-old girl behind a plot

Boda boda
Stop rape. [Dhaka Tribune]

A boda boda rider from Thika drew anger on Wednesday after giving a blow by blow account of how he defiled a seven-year-old girl.

In a viral video doing rounds online, the suspect in his confession said that he had been sent by the girl’s mother to fetch her daughter from school, Primrose Academy.

He picked her up but turned around to a block behind Little Angel School in Thika where he defiled the girl.

The suspect then took the young girl home and left. When questioned if he has kids of his own, he said he does.

Fellow boda boda operators asked him if he thought about what he did to the young girl and he said that he didn’t.

He later says that his act to the young girl was not good at all.

This has sparked a debate online asking parents to avoid instances where their young girls are picked from school by boda boda operators.

“This is indeed sad especially for those who can’t manage to afford school bus transportation fee, again nduthi pick up kids it has its own risk too parents need to change from this especially girl child really stressful, may he get best punishment he deserves,” Peter Waweru said.

Kengere Bonface said: “So sad indeed..parents let’s be extra vigilant when it’s about the safety of our kids.”

Others called on legislators to institute a death penalty on those who defile young girls.

“This should be death penalty. No negotiation here or his private parts chopped off. We need to go the Ugandan way,” Bee Karungari said.

Tarus Festus added that “The nation should come up with death penalty to those who rape our young and innocent girls, they are animals within us must be eliminated at all costs