Ruto to Raila: Don’t expect fresh polls in 90 days, wait for 2022

Government has maintained there will be no other elections held within 90 days as demanded by opposition.

Deputy President William Ruto said Kenyans have already spoken through the repeat Presidential election held on October 26.

Ruto on Sunday during an interview with Al Jazeera ruled out any possibility of bowing to Raila Odinga’s demand to conduct fresh polls within 90 days.

While stating that Jubilee is ready to dialogue with opposition, he insisted nowhere in the talks will the issue of fresh polls be entertained.

He said: “Our position on the matter is that Kenya is a constitutional democracy. We respect the rule of law. Every situation has been provided for under the Constitution, and Mr Odinga’s call for fresh elections within 90 days is not constitutional.”

The DP noted no one, despite their popularity can change the provision of the Constitution to suit them.

“The Constitution clearly provides that re-runs of elections should be held within 60 days. We are prepared to have dialogue with Mr Odinga, but on other matters, not what has been decided by the supreme will of the people through the ballot.”

Raila had withdrawn from the repeat Presidential race citing several issues such as lack of credibility on IEBC’s part to conduct free polls.

He said he will not contest and called for fresh polls within 90 days.

However, IEBC maintained he did not withdraw formally and as such, he was in the race.

Raila on Friday in a separate interview with CNN in Nairobi said he does not acknowledge the repeat Presidential election or President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory.

He once again cast aspersion on the whole exercise.

“Basically, it is Uhuru and Kenyatta competing. At some point, he was also competing against the voter turnout! Only 3.5 million Kenyans turned out to vote, but he has already scored 7.2 million votes. This, basically, adds to what is described as a sham,” said Raila.

But, the DP during the Al Jazeera interview said only 1.8 million Kenyans failed to turn up and vote compared with August 8 voter turn up.

“It is only 1.8 million people who did not vote because of violence sponsored by Mr Odinga.”

He said Raila’s narrative that only 3.5 million Kenyans turned up to vote was misleading because more than 7.5 million Kenyans voted.

This, he said, has expressly shuttled back Uhuru to State House as they have surpassed the threshold set by the Constitution.

“He [Raila] wants to peddle a narrative that suits his political narrative… We have already surpassed that threshold. That means that in terms of the constitution, the legitimacy question is already answered,” stated the DP.