Saudi-based Kenyan woman: I only have good things to say about Saudi Arabia

Molly a Kenyan woman who is happy working in Saudi Arabia. [Photo: Courtesy]

While working in Saudi Arabia seems and sounds like a terrible idea, it is not all doom and gloom.

One Molly, a young Kenyan woman who has been living and working in Saudi says that she has had a beautiful experience for the last two years she’s worked in Saudi Arabia.

Molly in one of her Vlog series on YouTube acknowledges the fact that there are Kenyan women who have undergone horrible experiences in Saudi Arabia while others have had a good time working there.

“Saudia Arabia has been changing in the past couple of years & am here to share my experience living in this Kingdom for the last 2 & half years. I love Saudia so far, It’s been amazing and I know so many people have negative assumptions about life here hopefully,” says the Mombasa born.

She adds that she feels bad when negativity is spread about Saudi because it has been kind to her since she left Dubai for greener pastures in this kingdom.

“Saudia is my second home away from home and I really do feel bad when people talk negatively about Saudi Arabia because I only have good things to say about this country.”

Molly says she has learned how to appreciate the “conservative” culture in Saudi which dictates how people live and do things.

Being a Muslim-dominated country, dictates from the Islam religion are a moral compass for the kingdom. Dressing code which doesn’t matter a lot in Africa is a key thing to watch out for while in Saudi.

Nonetheless, Molly is one of the few Kenyans who have positive things to talk about Saudi Arabia.

She had lived in Dubai for a while when a better opportunity presented itself in Saudi and she was lost for a moment.

Molly had heard a lot of negative things about Saudi Arabia and she decided to take a chance and make it work for her.

For many Kenyan domestic workers in this kingdom, it is a story of anguish, misery and regret.

Some are on record painfully narrating physical abuse, torture and mistreatment in the hands of Saudi bosses.

Others never lived to tell the sad tale of working as “kafara” in Saudi where the demand for informal labour from Africans is quite high. They died while working in Saudi.