Sauti Sol set to quit music, leave Kenya

Sauti Sol [courtesy]

Celebrated Kenyan musical group, Sauti Sol has broken the hearts of many Kenyans with their news of quitting music to open a record label.

Besides the heartbreaking news, they plan to relocate as they take on the second phase of their music career.

“This is where we announce that we are retiring as Sauti Sol and tunarelocate at some point. Tumeshafanya kila kitu, mnataka tufanye nini? (We will relocate at some point. We have done everything, what else do you want us to do?)” they posed according to the Star.

Sauti Sol is a household name in Kenya. Their tantalizing music has made Kenyans in and out of the country appreciate music.

Each of the four band members will have a role to play in the record label which has already signed in some artists.

Bien, the lyricist of Sauti Sol said their new move is aimed at giving upcoming artistes a chance to make better music and curve a niche for themselves in the highly competitive music industry.

However, he added that in future, they will come back with a bang just like the Malaika hitmaker, Nyashinski who came back after years and is now the talk of the town with his hits.

In their record label; Polycarp, one of the Sauti Sol’s band members, will be handling A&R, while Chimano will be handling the creative part.

Savara will handle production, business, and tech, alongside Merek, their manager. Bien will oversee everything.

The record label is expected to be up and running by August. They said there are many artists working with them but are yet to be known by Kenyans.