Sawdust was stuffed in my mouth! Eastleigh businesswoman recounts kidnapping ordeal

Hafsa. [Photo: Courtesy]

Eastleigh businesswoman Hafsa Mohammed Lukman who had been kidnapped on June 15 has relived details of her most terrifying moments in life.

Hafsa recollects that she had an argument with a friend Hafsa Abdulwahab over a debt.

She told her brother Zachary Lukman that they left Eastleigh and walked to Kayole together with Abdulwahab.

When the time came for sunset prayers (Maghrib), Hafsa urged Abdulwahab that they pray together – an offer that her friend refused.

Hafsa was not bothered at all by this act. She continued with her prayers and as she knelt to pray, two unknown men entered the room they were in and took her by force.

The two men allegedly filled her mouth with sawdust and tied her up.

“After she (Hafsa) regained consciousness, her friend Abdulwahab was nowhere in sight. Hafsa was tied up in an abandoned house,” Zachary recalled.

It is then that her abductors demanded a Ksh5 million bribe sent to her family via text message.

“Do you have the Ksh5 million cash? Take a picture of the money in a bag and follow instructions,” read part of the texts,” part of the text message sent to her family reads.

Her family in response said they cannot raise the money immediately and it riled up the abductors who tortured Hafsa and sent a video of the same to her family as a warning.

The police had been informed of the kidnapping and they advised Hafsa’s family to block ATM cards for the victim which angered the villains.

“We are abductors and not killers, why have you blocked the ATM? If anything happens to her, just know you are the one who killed her,” part of the text read.

Zachary opined that the publicity of the video sent shivers to the abductors who aborted their mission.

Hafsa was rescued from a house in Matopeni area of Kayole by DCI detectives. One of the suspects was arrested and is helping police with investigations.