Search for Kin of Kenyan man stuck in Darfur hospital, Sudan starts

Antony Wakaba
Antony Wakaba. {Photo: Cyprian Nyakundi]

Antony Wakaba Mburu, a Kenyan man hospitalized in Darfur, Sudan is appealing for help.

The man is ill and admitted to a local hospital and his kin cannot be traced.

A man whose identity remains unknown says he was informed of Wakaba’s situation by a colleague who works with Medicines San Frontiers (MSF) in Sudan.

“This guy is in one of the hospitals in Darfur, Sudan and he is in bad condition. He’s from Nairobi. A friend from Sudan working with MSF has sent to me to circulate and help find the relatives”, a message sent to Cyprian Nyakundi read.

This comes amid the deaths of Kenyan truck drivers in neighbouring South Sudan. In March, five truck drivers were killed along Sudan’s Juba-Nimule Highway.

According to Sudan’s Eye Radio, the five Kenyan truck drivers were ambushed by armed men at 6 am shortly after departing from Obama Village.

One of the witnesses, Medelina Nyoka recounted that a driver and a lady occupant who is her sister were both shot dead on the spot.

“We were going to Nimule and we had just left Obama…our car was shot close to where de-mining is taking place,” the witness recalled.

In April, four other truck drivers ferrying goods to South Sudan were abducted at gunpoint by unknown men at Terekeka area.

Terereka is in the northern part of Juba, South Sudan’s capital.

A ransom of Ksh4.8 million (15 million South Sudan pounds) has been demanded by the gunmen. They say that without the ransom money, they will not release the captives.