SGR to resume Monday amid strict operation rules for passengers

SGR. [Photo courtesy]

Passenger train, Madaraka Express on the SGR line is set to resume its operations on Monday, July 13 after a three-month halt due to coronavirus pandemic.

Kenya Railways Corporation has launched a set of guidelines which all passengers on the SGR train are required to follow strictly.

There will be 10 coaches beginning Monday plying Nairobi-Mombasa route daily. It is estimated that 600 people will be shuttled by the coaches in a one-way trip.

At the entrance of all train terminus along Nairobi and Mombasa, there will be temperature screening and mandatory hand washing.

Security personnel will, thereafter, conduct a personal screening before being allowed to board the train. The face mask should always be worn all through while aboard the train and within the precincts of the terminus.

Escalators will be reserved for People Living with Disabilities (PLWDs) only.

In the statement, Kenya Railways said that anyone found to exhibit coronavirus symptoms will be isolated immediately.

“If any passenger, staff or visitor is found with such symptoms as fever (≥37.5), fatigue and dry cough, he/she shall immediately be identified, isolated and handed over to the Health Officials for further verification and temperature checks to ascertain whether they are infected or not,” Kenya Railways said in a statement.

Social distance of 1.5 metres will be maintained all through while at the terminus. Children below 10 years are also expected to be accompanied by a guardian.

Only one adult shall be allowed to accompany two children to the station.

An SGR staff in full PPE gear will print out tickets on behalf of passengers to minimize the interaction between passengers and the ticketing machine.

However, online ticketing was recommended with the corporation saying that cash payment will not be accepted at the ticketing lounge.

For those seeking refunds, they will have to reschedule their flight because no refunds will be issued.

In each trip, an empty coach will tag along to isolate those who may exhibit COVID-19 symptoms on board.