She returned to Kenya from USA and now she’s making it big in health and fitness

Roseanne Kamau with a K24 Alfajiri host. PHOTO: K24

Rossane Kamau relocated from the USA to Kenya with her family three years ago and is now making it big in health and fitness.

Rosanne is a nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coach at her business- Treasure Fitness. She lived and ran her business in Boston before relocating to Kenya.

Speaking to Jamhuri News in a series of diaspora returnees that is yet to air, Rosanne said she and her family decided to relocate after finding greener pastures in Kenya. She passionately spoke of how Kenya is open for business for the open-minded and the hardworking.

Rosanne has been showcasing her prowess in nutrition and fitness on K24 TV for the last four days where she has been training viewers on how to practice healthy diet as well as exercising to keep fit.

The mother of two has been able to build her business from scratch to high-end fitness and nutrition center located in Nairobi.

Rosanne had this to say:

What inspired you to become a nutrition, fitness and lifestyle enthusiast?

”I went for my regular physicals when I lived in Boston, and as you may know, generally, if you don’t get a callback from the doctor, everything is fine; but if you do get a callback, there’s usually something wrong. I got a call telling me my cholesterol was high. I started thinking I was gonna die given the diagnosis.

I spent a lot of time in the library researching on high cholesterol and realized I just needed to change my lifestyle and nutrition. I knew I needed to make a complete mind shift, a complete mindset change, and a complete lifestyle change if I needed to live a long life.” Said Roseanne.

How was it settling back in Kenya and setting-up your business?

”First I talked to several of my friends and learned the good, the bad and the ugly. We then prepared ourselves mentally as a family, especially preparing the kids for the transition. The first year was mostly research. If you’re mentally prepared and come back with a mindset where you’re willing to accept whatever it is that comes your way, the transition is effortless. ” Roseanne said.

You can watch several of her videos on #K24Alfajiri: Managing Cholesterol levels

Photo: K24