SK Macharia thanks elder sister who was married off at young age to educate him

SK Macharia
SK Macharia. [Photo: Courtesy]

Media mogul SK Macharia’s journey to success is one riddled with life’s lessons.

It was not always easy for him while growing up, and he owes his success to his elder sister Njeri Macharia.

Njeri was married off to an older man to help raise school fees for SK, a young kid.

A few days ago, he hosted musicians from all over the country in an event attended by opposition leader Raila Odinga.

He thanked Njeri who also attended the event.

“She was sold when she was very young. She was married off to an old man who would pay my school fees in primary school. Now she says that she did not learn anything and she cannot understand English because of me. But I take care of her 100%,” said Macharia.

SK takes care of her as a show of gratitude for sacrificing her life for him.

Although he did not divulge much, he said that his quest for education took him to the US, but it was not easy.

In his own words, it took nine months to reach New York City. He pursued his studies here and returned to the country, where he ventured into the media industry, starting with a print newspaper. It was by then a field dominated by Indians.