Slain Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei’s father turns heat on Ruto a year after son’s death

Slain AP Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei. [Photo Courtesy]

John Chesang, father to the late Sergeant Arnold Bernard Kipyegon Kenei has revisited his son’s gruesome murder one year later.

Speaking to KTN recently in a special report, he took several issues with Deputy President William Ruto over his utterances during Kenei’s burial last year.

At the burial, Ruto while addressing mourners absolved himself from Kenei’s murder saying that he would have protected him if he knew that he was Mzee Chesang’s son.

“Sikujua huyu Kenei ni mtoto was Mzee Chesang. Huyu Mzee Chesang na Waziri Chelugui wamekuja mpaka nyumbani kwangu Sugoi lakini sikujua uhusiano wao,” Ruto said at the burial.

Chesang is now questioning Ruto’s statement asking what he would have done if he knew that Kenei was his son.

“When he said that he did not know that he (Kenei) was from this family if he knew, what would have happened? If he was from another family, what would have happened? He said he didn’t know, what if he knew what would he have done now that he is dead what action has he taken?”

Chesang said that in conversations with Kenei who was attached to Ruto’s Harambee House Annex offices, he had complained of being sidelined and unsuccessfully applied for transfer twice.

His father said that Keneni talked of discrimination given that he was a Tugen while most of the other officers at the Annex were Nandi.

In an alleged suicide note that he left behind, Chesang poked holes saying that he addressed himself as “John” while his real name was Arnold.

Chesang says he is willing to walk the mile to pursue justice for his son who left behind a widow and two children.

Before his untimely death, Kenei was due to pay dowry for his wife according to his father.

He laments that he is disturbed by the amount of pain that his son endured from the killers who are said to have poisoned him first before killing him and making it look like a suicide.

However, DCI detectives ruled out a suicide.

The case is yet to be concluded with a few suspects in court over the case.