State House intruder Brian Kibet posts disturbing messages while in rehab

Brian Kibet
Brian Kibet. [Photo: Courtesy]

Brian Kibet, a student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) the infamous State House intruder is back again.

Kibet alias Prophet Kibet has been positing disturbing messages on his Facebook post. Kibet is mentally challenged and has been getting treatment from psychiatrists.

The JKUAT student hit the limelight in 2019 after he attempted to gain entry into State House.

Security detail shot at him and he was arrested. It is then that the court ordered a mental evaluation test and he was reported to be of unsound mind.

He apologized to the President and Kenyans for the intrusion.

He came back to social media on Friday with a disturbing post saying that his father is his biggest enemy.

Kibet does not want to go back to rehab because he cannot have his phone or access to marijuana or tobacco which he posted pictures smoking.

“All my enemies led by my father Pusit, are now planning to take me to rehab prison as seen in their comments. O Lord my God, how long shall I suffer in prison for smoking herb bearing seed for spiritual food that thou gave us?

“Please visit me in prison. Bring me the holy herb and kiraiko and newspapers for rolling. I may be in prison for more than six months this time round. Lord have mercy on me. For I have not oppressed anyone but they oppress me. Yet I am not like Samson, I am the weakest man on earth. Even at age 10 years old, a Bukusu woman named Rebecca Maureen Wabuge beat me in class and pushed me to the ground. She was my classmate in class 5,” his post read.

Shortly after, he termed those helping him out at the rehab as “hypocrites” adding that they are not helping but torturing him.

Kibet took his father head-on and said that he takes him to rehab in secret.

“If I disappear, ask my father Pusit to produce me. He usually takes me to the mental hospital in secret and keeps it a secret. I was admitted at the mental hospital in January 2020. Nobody knew where I was. No one visited me for the 17 days I was there. Not even my relatives. I had no access to a phone for those 17 days,” he said.

Concerned Kenyans said that he is now losing it all.