Stop at nothing, Akorino man offering massage services urges Kenyan youth

Njoroge wa Ng’ang’a
Njoroge wa Ng’ang’a. [Photo: Kameme]

There is an old adage that goes “hard times call for desperate measures.”

And this is exactly what Njoroge wa Ng’ang’a of the Akorino faith put into practice to beat joblessness and feed his family.

Njoroge offers massage services in Laikipia County. It is almost a new business in the county.

But, he decided to venture into it his faith notwithstanding because he needed to make more and make it in a genuine and modest way.

While different religions have a different perspective about such services which he offers both men and women, Njoroge opines that he never lets religion hold him back.

His advice to the youth is not to be choosy and take up opportunities to make money regardless of what other people feel or think.

As long as the dream is alive, Njoroge says, no one should hold you back from making money in whatever you set your heart and mind on.

Njoroge is satisfied with his job as a masseuse having both men and women as clients.

Recently, another young man Barkat Ali Manji disclosed he makes at least 30,000 daily from his mobile barbershop.

He converted his van into a mobile barbershop and established a rich clientele ranging from politicians, celebrities and business moguls.

He visits various homes in Nairobi, most of the suburbs, where he offers his services for Ksh3,000.