Suspect who killed lover in Ndarugo attempted suicide thrice after incident

Evans Karani
Evans Karani who confessed to killing his lover. [Photo: Courtesy]

Evans Karani, the suspect behind the killing of his 24-year-old lover was suicidal after killing Caroline Nyokabi, reports indicate.

Karani reportedly tried to take away his life more than three times but was unsuccessful, reports the Standard.

He told Juja DCI boss Richard Mwaura that he tried to hang himself but aborted the mission after trying it from a hanging piece of cloth from the roof.

But he viewed this as time-consuming and he decided to end his life in a quicker way.

He tried to get himself ran over by a speeding car on Thika Road but this failed because of traffic. He escaped with minor scratches.

Not at ease, he went to a dam in Kiambu to drown himself but managed to swim away before he drowned.

“He said his swimming skills prevented him from drowning,” said the Juja DCIO.

An honest Karani went ahead to show marks on his neck to police officers in proving his theory.

Karani, 38, is a businessman based in Kiambu County and deals in the transport business. He told detectives that he murdered Nyokabi whom he had been dating for a while despite having a wife and kids.

Karani told detectives that he had planned to take Nyokabi’s body to the forest for wild animals to devour it but his car unluckily got stuck in mud.

The car was found in a beaten track behind Mangu High School. A body of a mutilated Nyokabi was lying there, some of her body parts missing.

Nyokabi, 24, allegedly got a beating from Karani before being killed for allegedly going out with another man. The two had dated for nearly four years. She was a mother of one.

Karani said that he found a photo of Nyokabi’s alleged new lover in her phone and asked her to delete it but she refused. This hurt him a lot and he decided to take away her life.

He had also planned to kill the man who was dating Nyokabi but changed his mind.

Nyokabi met Karani in Ndarugo on Wednesday last week not knowing that would be her last day to breathe.

She got into Karani’s car and took her favourite wine which the suspect had bought and waited for her to get drunk. He jumped to the back seat and strangled her using his belt and later a rope which he used to kill her completely.