Tala senior manager conned Ksh9 million by Ghanaian ‘preacher’ loverboy

Dark powers material recovered at the Ghanaian suspect's home. [Photo: DCI]

A senior manager at Tala, one of the biggest mobile lending apps in the country knows not what to do after losing Ksh9 million to a Ghanaian ‘miracle worker’.

The female manager at Tala was allegedly tricked by her boyfriend, a Ghanaian national Victor Anane who has since been arrested but the DCI.

She says that she recently met the suspect via an online dating site.

“A Ghanaian national believed to have obtained Sh9 Million from a senior manager at a money lending agency, was yesterday arrested by detectives. The senior manager at Tala agencies, a popular mobile money lending firm, that advances instant short term loans,” DCI said in a statement.

The Ghanaian is reportedly said to have baited the young manager with a promise of promotion at her workplace.

“The Ghanaian introduced himself as a preacher who performs miracles, and who would help the senior manager get promoted at her workplace instantly,” DCI added.

The final bait was when the suspect told the Tala senior manager that she would get more fortunes if she fell in love with him. Hungry for fortunes she gave in.

Moments later, the woman was tricked into giving her lover Ksh9 million in what the DCI say was under ‘unclear circumstances”.

When she visited his Athi River home, she was shocked to be welcomed by witchcraft-related items all signalling to a man who was using dark powers.

Their relationship crumbled as some of the money she gave the suspect was from her employer.

“Detectives raided the suspect’s house where the paraphernalia related to witchcraft was recovered. Also recovered from his house was Sh76,000 in fake currency and other materials used in the printing of fake notes.”

Anane has been luring desperate women out there looking for love while masquerading as a preacher.