Tanasha Donna settles Ksh15,000 debt after public uproar

Tanasha Donna. [Photo: Courtesy]

Kenyan songbird Tanasha Donna has finally settled a Ksh15,000 debt she owed a make-up artiste who made it public out of fury.

The beautician, Zena Glam had been asking Tanasha to settle the debt for months but her insistence fell on deaf ears.

This forced the hand of Dana De Grazia, an actress, to expose Tanasha in one of the interviews with comedian Eric Omondi.

It is after this interview that Tanasha found herself the subject of ridicule from Kenyans online and was forced to pay the debt, albeit with a tainted image.

Grazia would later post on her social media pages that Tanasha finally paid off the debt. She insisted that her raising the issues was in no way an attack on Tanasha’s personality but fighting for a noble cause.

“I am happy to confirm that after over two months and mounting public pressure, Tanasha Donna has fulfilled her word. I would like to re-state that this was never about attacking who she is as a person,” she wrote.

She went on to say that all she was doing was supporting a friend who felt that her work was not appreciated despite giving it her best.

“It was about supporting my friend and I believe this message proves that our efforts worked. I cannot speak to the reason Tanasha or her ‘team’ was unable to pay in a more timely manner, but I am happy that at the end of the day, after the time and effort put in, promises were fulfilled.”

Tanasha in an effort to clear her image blamed her “team” for not letting her know that she owed the make-up artiste.

On her Instastories, she apologized and said that she is not the type of people who fail to pay for services rendered.