Tecra Muigai’s inquest: Omar Lali decided who heiress met, talked to

Omar Lali
Omar Lali with the late Tecra Muigai. [Photo: Mchipuko]

Omar Lali who was the boyfriend to the late Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai has been described yet again as a man who was “domineering”.

According to Ann Waithera who worked as Tecra’s househelp, Lali would decide who Tecra interacted with.

She told the Milimani Law Courts where Tecra’s inquest has been ongoing this week led by Principal Magistrate Zainab Abdul that there was a lot of drama with Lali.

Waithera told the court that Tecra once invited her parents to her house in Naivasha to meet Lali but he took off and hid in a bush for hours until late at night.

She painted a picture of a man who exploited Tecra’s generosity saying he would bring his daughter, family and other friends to Naivasha and Tecra would pay for their travel expenses such as flight tickets.

“Omar used to bring his daughter, brothers and sisters to Naivasha where Tecra paid all their expenses including booking for them flights,” said Waithera.

Waithera recounted an event when Lali invited friends to a posh hotel in Naivasha and she footed a hefty bill.

In another testimony by Tecra’s brother James Karanja, Lali had negatively influenced her sister that she changed her lifestyle and how she addressed people including her family members.

Karanja blamed Omar for trying to pull his sister away from her family.

“Omar tried to keep her away from us as a family. She started being aggressive and shouting without any reason. She changed her lifestyle and became a person we did not know,” he told the court.

Lali was a quiet man around people, Karanja’s girlfriend Marsella testified saying her encounter with him was scary.

Marsella told the court that Lali has a “care-free” attitude and did not care about Tecra at all.

On Thursday, Erick Cheruiyot who was Tecra’s bodyguard told the court that Lali threatened him twice.

Tabitha Karanja, the Keroche CEO in her testimony said she was shocked to learn that Tecra had transferred Ksh1.2 million to Lali in just a few months.

She said that Lali was only out to exploit her daughter and did not love her at all.

With the testimonies, the magistrate summoned Lali to testify citing that he has been adversely mentioned by witnesses in the inquest.

“It is important that he participates in the proceedings. The summons is for him to appear in court and will also be required at some point to testify in person,” ruled Abdul.

The court also summoned six other people who were first to arrive at the scene of the accident where Tecra is said to have fallen off a flight of stairs.

The six are Abdul Hakina, Ali Bakari, Kusai Lali, Omar Ali, Ahmed Ali and Yahya Salim.