Tecra’s bodyguard tells court Omar Lali threatened to kill him twice

Omar Lali
Omar Lali. [Photo: Switch TV]

A picture of a possessive and jealous man who would kill for love is what the court got of Omar Lali, the 51-year-old boyfriend to the late Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai.

On Wednesday, Erick Cheruiyot who was the late Tecra’s bodyguard told Milimani Law Courts during an inquest that Lali threatened him twice over Tecra

“I can do something bad to you [so that] even your kids will miss you,” Cheruiyot told the court adding this was in Dar es Salaam and Lamu.

He told the inquest that Tecra stepped in and calmed down the situation and asked Lali to go to sleep.

Cheruiyot, a retired KDF soldier said Lali was abusive and at one point publicly disrespected Tecra by hurling unprintable words at her while attending a birthday party in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

He recalled an instance when Tecra’s brother, James forcefully took his sister’s handbag from Lali in Dar es Salaam and told him off on grounds that he was too old for his sister.

After this, Lali remained quiet and stayed away from people throughout the party. After returning to Lamu, Lali would threaten him for the second time drawing reference to the first incident in Dar es Salaam.

“Do you know you’re in my home? What you did to me in Dar es Salaam, I will never forget. You don’t know me. Your kids can miss you,” he told the court.

The bodyguard also said that Tecra always transferred money using Lali’s phone because her Safaricom line had no activated M-Pesa.

He also told the inquest that Tecra at one time kicked Omar out of their Naivasha home and he cried outside with his bags.

A kind Tecra would calm down later and allowed him back into the house.

On Tuesday, Kerocher Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja narrated to the court how her daughter transferred Ksh1.2 million to Lali in one year.

A teary Tabitha told the court that what pains her is the fact that Lali exploited her daughter financially citing that bank statements from Tecra’s account showed she transferred Ksh1 million to Lali.

All this according to Tabitha, was done in just five months.

“He was after my daughter’s hard-earned income and when she realized that she could not give him money anymore, he killed her,” Tabitha said in her testimony