August 24, 2019

Terror suspects who planned to bomb Supreme Court, Parliament

From Left: Mbarak Huka who assembled explosives on a SUV impounded by police, Lydia Nyawira who printed four fake Kenyan IDS at Sh160, 000 and Abdimajit Hassan Adan who was to execute the bombings. []

A terror suspect arrested last month planned to bomb the Supreme Court of Kenya and Parliament buildings according to police reports.

It has also been established that Abdimajit Hassan Adan was aided by several Kenyans who helped him acquire fake documents and also offered transport services for him to move around.

Adan worked close with Antony Kitila Makau, Mohammed Osmane Nane, and Lydia Nyawira Mburu all of who are expected to be arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts on Thursday.

Their arrest followed Adan’s apprehension by police in his attempt to transport a Mitsubishi SUV vehicle laden with explosives at Merti in Isiolo County.

Before his arrest, he had booked a room at Delta Hotel, adjacent to Central Police Station for 10 days before he finally returned to Merti where his two colleagues were gunned down.

Kenyan security officials say according to Daily Nation, that the suspect’s prime target was the Supreme Court of Kenya which would have seen successive bombings of KICC, County Hall, Parliament Buildings, Technical University, University of Nairobi, and Milimani Law Courts.

Others places targeted by the terrorist included Central Bus Station, Jevanjee Gardens, and Serena Hotel.

Adan travelled to Somalia in 2015 where he was trained before undertaking several assignments in Kenya and Somalia.

Detectives traced his moves from November last year when he came to Nairobi and enrolled for a driving course at Rocky Driving School.

It is at this same period that he met Makau, a taxi driver who drove him around and even helped him procure a vehicle for his mission.

“They became so close that they started partying together in various clubs in Nairobi,” notes police documents in part as quoted by Daily Nation.

On December 27, the suspect travelled to Wajir then to Elwak and finally crossed to Somalia on December 30. He returned to Nairobi two days later.

He left for Kachuru in Meru on January 12 and returned to Nairobi on January 17.He left for Elwak on February 5 before crossing to Somalia and later flew back to Nairobi on February 9.

During this period, he met John Kiarie-a messenger at Homeland Insurance Brokers and gave him Sh10, 000. He asked him to help link him up to someone who could change the details of his identity card.

This is when he met Lydia who was introduced to him by a lady by the name Wanjiru. Lydia was to print four fake Kenyan IDs at a cost of Sh160, 000.

She worked as a secretary and printing assistant at Paste Printers, a small printing firm located at Ridge House along Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi.

Out of the deal, she says she only pocketed Sh4, 000.

The Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet said the explosives impounded by police officers in Merti would have caused large scale damage to targeted buildings and even those within a radius of 250 metres.