“The constitution is very clear, you cannot cancel or invalidate citizenship by birth.” Miguna Miguna said on arrival in Canada

By Thuothuo Anthony – Boston, MA

NASA politician and NRM ”general” Miguna Miguna arrived in Canada at Toronto Pearson International Airport at 5:45 pm ET.

Mr. Miguna was welcomed by a group of Kenyans led by a social media activist, Samuel Okemwa of Youth Stand Up media.

On his arrival, Miguna Miguna looked jovial and in high spirit. He met a group of Kenyans who carried placards bearing welcoming messages.

”Welcome home general” read one placard.

before addressing those who had gathered at the airport to welcome him, the fierce lawyer said he needed to go and freshen up first before he could give any official statement regarding his deportation.

”Today, I want to go and take a shower, I’ve not showered for the last six days; maybe seven. So I need to take a good shower, hug my wife, hug my children, then eat properly since I’ve not eaten for the last one week and then I can talk about anything else” he said.

However, Mr. Miguna continued to say that he’s well and alive in response to claims about his health, saying ”it’s not easy to kill a revolution, they tried but they cant”.

Miguna was asked what he can tell President Kenyatta and his government and said ”If they’re watching…come, baby, come. The struggle has just begun.” charged Miguna.

”The fact of the matter is I am solid and we are solid as granite, we are focused as a laser beam, and they must be defeated. It’s just a question of time, it’s not about if or when; it will happen, they must be defeated. These people are going down faster than you can believe.” added Miguna.

Miguna argued that if Jubilee government was acting in accordance with the constitution, he should have been taken to court in Kenya and charged there.

”Ask yourself a question, why not take me to court? they are the government with all the powers, resources and weapons, but they can’t take me to court because they know they can’t win”. Said the self-proclaimed general.

Mr. Miguna challenged the government saying ”it can’t win on the moral, political or intellectual ground, and they will definitely not win on any other ground”.


Miguna Miguna said the constitution of Kenya is clear on the matter of citizenship.

”The constitution is very clear, you cannot cancel or invalidate citizenship by birth. So, I’m a citizen by birth. I never renounced my citizenship and I’d never do it even if I was crazy I’d never do it; I never did. Luckily, Canada does not require anybody to renounce citizenship”.

The lawyer also said that he did not have a Kenyan passport when he applied for a Canadian passport.

”The Kenyan government had withdrawn my passport in 1997, so where did they expect me to be and how? I needed a passport.” Charged energetic Miguna.

Miguna said the government is out to restrict his movement and political activities.

He added that he was kept standing for most of the time he was in the cells.


Miguna Miguna dismissed the claims that he was suffering from asthma while in the cells.

”I was kept standing for most of the time. I probably sat on the cold floor for about two of the five days. I think I had pneumonia onset, that is what I needed attention for, but I have never had asthma”

Miguna landed wearing sleepers which he said was because his feet were swollen. He carried a pair of brown shoes in a bag.