The late Jane Gathii of Lynn, MA eulogized by many

The late Jane Gathii

The late Jane Gathii (Kabachia) passed away on Monday July 18th 2016 at Salem Hospital. Jane was a member of PCEA Neema church in Lowell, MA. She has been eulogized by family and friends as a loving, humble and dedicated woman of God. Below is a message from one of those she closely worked together with at her most recent place of work.

Jane meant everything to this program and when I joined the team as a new director she took particular interest in ensuring I learned the ropes and “knew” which battles to pick and which to avoid. 

I might’ve been her leader, but she was the boss, and not the bossy element. She drew respect with her wisdom and gentle presence which meshed well with the program’s vision

This one Friday at the most difficult of that juncture Jane texted me and asked if I was coming early so she could talk to me. I figured she was finally resigning and the prospect of  delivering those news to the entire program frightened me.  When I came in, we went to the office and sat. She started by saying that she had prayed for me the night before and all will be well. If it wasn’t, she would ask God why He didn’t stand with me as she would meet Him soon. I was at a loss of words but before I could even muster any word, she took out of her pocket a small bible and asked if it was ok I prayed with her, which we did. 

Two weeks ago she called me to tell me her time was winding up and talked of a faithful God who heard her prayer at a critical time. I am not a very religious person but the calmness and sense of peace and confidence in her faith both shook and impressed me. 

Let us remember her family at this time of great loss, and remember her in your own special ways.

May she Rest In Peace.

Festus K. Mbuva-Northeast Arc.”

Many other people across all states have sent deep condolences to the family through various media outlets as well as social media.

Let us come together and pray for peace and God’s strength in those that Jane left behind.

Prayers are being held Daily at 27 Phillips ave, Lynn MA. Starting 7PM 

A fundraiser will be held at PCEA Neema in Lowell,Massachusetts on Sunday July 24th 2016 Time:4PM – 452 Chelmsford St, Lowell, MA 01851

Wake service is on Tuesday 7/26/2016 6pm-8pm at Solomine funeral homes at 426.Broadway (route 129) Lynn Massachusetts 

Funeral service is on Wednesday 7/27/2016

At Bethlehem temple Pentecostal church located on 

21 light street 


The late Jane Gathii
The late Jane Gathii