The late Mwalimu George Wanjaro’s son releases first song about sponsors

Johashapat Kanyoro Njaro alias JKrules Wanjaro Junior
Johashapat Kanyoro Njaro alias JKrules Wanjaro Junior. [Photo: YouTube]

Johashapat Kanyoro Njaro alias JKrules Wanjaro Junior is the man carrying his late father’s music dream.

Wanjaro was a renowned benga artiste whose music was loved in Mt Kenya region. He died in 2007 after a short illness.

The young man in his early 20s has taken over the mantle and released a new song recently. Listening to it, you can tell his vocals have a heavy undertone from the late benga singer.

The new song titled ‘Munyaka Wa Lencer’ is a benga hit drawing its lessons from the immorality seen in the 21st century.

‘Munyaka wa Lencer’ speaks about young girls who have found a cash cow old men enough to be their fathers christened ‘sponsors’.

A while back, he urged his fans to support him in his new journey in music.

“I have a few songs that I have written, others are those that my father wrote but did not get a chance to release them because he died early,” he said.

JKrules appealed for financial support from fans to continue his father’s musical dream.

This comes as her mother, Maureen Atieno Wanjaro released a tribute song recently to her late husband.

The song titled ‘Date ya Mbere’ is a compilation of the good times they shared before his abrupt death in 2007.

Last year, Wanjaro’s widow opened up on the tribulations she went through after her husband died.

In a YouTube interview with Ala C, Atieno who was born in Migori County said that she was disinherited if everything her husband owned.

She painfully narrated that the land where her husband was buried was sold off and was left with nothing.

She recalled the plan to disinherit her on the basis that she was not legally wedded to the singer with some of Wanjaro’s family members accusing her of killing their kin who had developed an acute bout of headaches and eventually died while receiving treatment in hospital.

“Some even said he died of HIV/Aids… I was not allowed to see George’s body in the morgue. They also omitted my name from the eulogy, but artistes intervened and it was included,” she said.

Wanjaro’s widow said that all contributions made were taken away by her husband’s family after the burial.

“They sold everything, including the land where George was buried. Today I can’t visit where he was buried,” she recalled.