February 23, 2020

The story Lucy Kariuki of MA- Hope & faith that keeps her spirit high despite her battle with stage 4 cancer (Video)

By Thuothuo Anthony

Lucy W. Kariuki

The story of Lucy W. Kariuki is one of faith and hope that shines the light of breakthrough in the darkest of circumstances.

Lucy is a resident of Worcester, Massachusetts and a single mother of four. She was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2010 while in Kenya and struggled with its treatment at several hospitals in Kenya.

In 2014, the doctors told Lucy that cancer had spread to her lungs and chest bones. In the same year, she managed to visit the USA where she has been getting treatment.

Although the doctors have since told Lucy that there is nothing much they can do to save her health, Lucy’s undying faith in God is still keeping her spirit high.

Lucy narrates her story in detail in the video below. She is requesting wellwishers to chip in and help her financially so she can meet her basic needs.


CashApp: +1 206 397 9874

DCU Account: Member number- 5854141

Video courtesy of Kikuyu Diaspora TV