They withdrew all the money from our accounts, Jane Muthoni speaks of in-laws hatred

Jane Muthoni
Jane Muthoni. [Photo: Courtesy]

On June 3, 2021, the court sealed Jane Muthoni, former Icaciri Secondary School principal’s fate with a 30-year jail sentence.

The Nakuru High Court found her guilty of murdering her husband Solomon Mwangi, a principal at Kiru Boys’ High School in Murang’a, in 2016.

Muthoni is serving her sentence at the Lang’ata Women’s Prison.

But she still maintains her innocence, believing that the truth will one day set her free.

At Lang’ata, she met her former students, who are now prison officers stationed in the correctional facility.

Muthoni, in a recent interview with Njera-ini Citu says she had nothing to do with her husband’s murder, adding that she got a threat message from the killers.

“My husband was abducted at Kiria-ini at around 8:39 pm – 8:40 pm. My husband was not murdered on that 6th, he was still alive on 8th because we talked with him through the abductors called me,” she says.

She adds that she handed over their number to DCI officers handling the case.

“When I handed over their number to the CID who searched for them, they told me I will regret. So my husband was murdered around 8th and later dumped my husband’s body at Karakuta coffee plantation,” she adds.

Justice Joel Ngugi found her alongside Isaac Ng’ang’a Njoroge guilty of murdering Mwangi.

Evidence presented in court indicated that she planned the murder after discovering that Mwangi was in an intimate relationship with another lade working as an MPesa attendant.

The court heard that she paid the hitmen Ksh50,000, and text messages proved she planned the murder.

Being in jail for five years now – having spent five years in remand since 2016 – has been challenging because it dents her image as a role model who taught CRE.

Muthoni has let go of the bitterness she had in the past.

But, she appealed to her in-laws not to let her children suffer anymore.

She says her sister-in-laws ransacked her house, took off with title deeds, and withdrew all the money from her family’s bank accounts, leaving her kids in poverty.

“My in-laws, I know you never believed in me after you got information from the media. But you know very well, and you know from deep in your hearts how much well we related with your brother and true to the word, there is no way I could have thought of murdering your brother. 

“I know there are a lot of things you have done to me but remember this was your brother; these are the children of your brother…hata kama mlienda to our family accounts Wangare and you withdrew that money which is meant to be educating my children, I have forgiven you,” Muthoni offers.

She, however, appeals to them to do the right thing and return all her property and money because it is meant for their brother’s children.