Thika couple arrested for torturing eight-month-old son

Thika Level Five
Eight-month-old baby boy who has been undergoing torture from the parents. [Photo: Star]

A young couple in Thika is under probe following claims torture to their eight-month-old son.

The couple Daniel Njoroge (21) and Anne Nyangi (20) was arrested on Tuesday.

Doctors at the Thika Level Five Hospital accuse the parents of torturing the young child. Medical results showed that he suffered from battered child syndrome.

According to the Star, doctors at the hospital said that the symptoms of fractures inflicted on the child indicate he had been neglected and tortured.

The child is currently admitted at Thika Level five Hospital nursing two fractured arms, a fractured left leg, and human bites on his cheeks and bruises on his face, abdomen and back.

Dr Jesse Ngugi, the Thika Level Five Medical Superintendent in a report said the young boy was taken to hospital after developing acute diarrhoea and vomiting.

“The two brought the child to the hospital with complaints of vomiting and diarrhoea but further examination revealed that the child had stigmata for child violence. He had bruises all over his body from the head, chest and abdomen. His two arms and left leg were also fractured,” the Thika Level Five medical boss stated.

The child department when informed alerted the police who arrested the couple.

Going forward, the young boy will be placed under the care of his grandmother.