Things went from 100 to 0, Jacque Maribe speaks of her tribulations

Jacque Maribe
Media personality Jacque Maribe. [Photo courtesy]

Before the end of 2018, Jacque Maribe, a then high-flying senior political reporter for Citizen TV had everything falling in place.

To her, life was as sweet as red wine but came crumbling down and before she knew it, she was at the Langa’ta Women’s Prison for being an accessory to murder.

In her latest episode on her YouTube channel, she spoke for the first time in over a year since she left prison and lost her highly-coveted job at the Royal Media-owned station.

Maribe was in the last quarter of 2018 charged with murder alongside her then boyfriend, Joseph Irungu alias Jowie over the death of business woman, Monicah Nyawira Kimani.

She was found murdered at Lamuria Apartments in Kilimani where she lived.

Jowie who had been in the house was to later be charged after investigations indicated that his DNA was found at the scene of crime.

Following the incident, Maribe in the Hot seat show likened her experience to a driver at high speed who stops abruptly and remains at standstill.

For her, life came to a stop after her arrest and consequent exit from the media industry.

“Again, being a female senior political reporter, it was an interesting journey having risen like that and all of a sudden you feel like everything is falling into place and making so much sense until one day you have no idea what the world just decides to do. Literally a standstill,” she said.

She describes her career as a senior political reporter as a “dream come true” but wasn’t easy because “it took a lot of hardwork and had to prove myself”.

The former screen siren who anchored the 1 pm bulletin on Citizen TV took a backseat in her public life and only emerged recently after rumours that she is eyeing entry into politics in 2022.