This video of two Kenyan siblings acting ”Trump holding Pope’s hand” is now going viral #DTchallenge

By Thuothuo Anthony -Jamhuri News

By Thuothuo Anthony |Boston, MA

It all started when President Trump and first lady arrived in Rome Tuesday, they both stepped out of Air Force One, waved to people as most presidents do. Trump then reached for his wife’s hand as they began descending the plane’s stairs, and that’s when Melania did what seemed like brushing off Trump’s hand.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel later aired a staged video making fun of President Trump and The Pope. The video, which went viral really fast showed ”Trump” reaching for ”Pope’s” hand during a photo session, where Pope quickly deflects his hand. Many netizens took it to be a legit video, but it wasn’t.

Now two Kenyan siblings from Boston Massachusetts are about to go viral with their video making fun of the hilarious moment.