February 23, 2020

Three Kenyan families in Massachusetts left homeless after apartment block fire

Three Kenyan families in Worcester Massachusetts are in anguish after a fire engulfed their apartment building on Sunday evening, destroying everything.

The fire, which one resident said started at the boiler, spread quickly to other units leaving no chance to salvage anything.

Nobody was hurt during the incident.

Speaking to Jamhuri News on phone from Worcester, one affected family of four said they are devastated and have no idea how or where to start after losing everything to the tragedy.

“We have lost everything, our children are still in shock. We don’t know where to go from here.” Said Milka Wairegi, a mother of two whose apartment was destroyed.

“Mommy, you mean we’re now gonna be homeless?” Milka’s seven-year-old daughter asked in panic according to the mother.

Other tenants include Lucy Gitau, who happened to be out of the country at the time of the tragedy. Her son, Moses Gitau told Jamhuri News that they lost everything in the 8pm fire; and he has since sought shelter at his aunt’s house awaiting help from wellwishers.

The third tenant, Carol Mburu, also said she lost everything and she’s currently living with a relative.

The Worcester fire department condemned the building after their assessment.

The families are requesting the community, and all people of goodwill to support them by any means as they grapple to recover from the loss.

Send financial help via GoFundme on this link:gofundme.com/west-boylston-street-families-fire

For more details or means to help the affected families, they can be reached on:

Milka Wairegi & James Wairegi: 5086151446 /5084109781

Lucy Gitau: 5084102005, 

Carol Mburu: 7743297746.

Editor’s Note: This story was edited to correct an earlier report that Moses Gitau was home during the incident.