March 20, 2019

Top US comedian mocks KNH doctors after botched brain surgery

A screenshot of James Kimberly Corden who hosts The Late Late Show [courtesy]

Following botched surgery at the Kenyatta National Hospital early this month, a top US comedian has mocked the doctors from the largest referral hospital in east and central Africa.

Recently, James Kimberly Corden who hosts The Late Late Show cracked a joke stating that Kenyan doctors work as brain surgeons because they do not make enough money as Uber drivers.

He added, according to Nairobi News that the brain surgeons removed thee part in the brain that would have pressed charges and they were not rocket scientists.

But the joke did not sit very well with some Kenyans who said they feel embarrassed because the country only got negative publicity.

Journalist and news anchor at Citizen TV Waihiga Mwaura in a tweet noted: “When @KNHOperationMixup made it to The Late Late Show with@j_corden…So embarrassed that the only mention our beloved country nation got from this show is such negative publicity.”

KNH shot into limelight after a patient mix-up. The wrong patient had his skull opened while the one scheduled to undergo the brain surgery was still on his hospital bed.

But as doctors operated on him, they could not find the blood clot and this is when they realized they operated on the wrong patient.

The Hospital’s board suspended the doctor who conducted the operation, theatre nurse, ward nurse and anesthetist for their roles in the botched surgery.

However, a few days later, they were allowed to go back to work.

The matter was probed by the National Assembly’s Health committee.

KNH CEO Lily Koros was suspended pending investigations into the issue.



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