October 20, 2019

Tourists seek witch doctors’ services in Kenya

Mario Jei and his wife Grazie (both seated) listen as witch doctor Sidi Thoya tells them their fortune in Magarini on Saturday /ALPHONCE GARI- The Star

Italian tourists are flocking to Magarini to seek the services of Mijikenda witch doctors.

Most of them come for treatment of chronic diseases and to know the sources of their problems.

On Saturday, 80 Italian tourists visited a cultural center in Magarini and paid for healing, and to learn Mijikenda culture. The guests were members of a yoga and herbalist group in Venice.

Traditionally, most tourists come for holiday. However, witch doctors say they now come for traditional healing as well.

On Saturday, during the traditional ‘ramli’ (fortune-telling), one tourist was told he was unsuccessful because he abandoned his parents in Italy.

Group leaders Mario Jei and his wife Grazie, who are herbalists and yoga club owners with more than 1,000 subscribers in Venice, also sought the witch doctor’s help.

Sidi Thoya, the witch doctor, advised them to undergo traditional cleansing to become successful. She told them to return after three days for ‘medicine’ to help them prosper.

Jei said he was directed to the Magarini witch doctor through a dream.

Tsuma Nzai, the director of Magarini cultural center, said there are more than 3,000 witch doctors.