Tragedy as Kitui family’s three members die in one week

Tom Ileve. [Photo: NMG]

In the tiny Masaani village in Kwa Vonza, Kitui County, the death of three family members in the last seven days is a huge shock.

Area chief Ronald Mbuvi said that the family lost a man, his mother and his sister.

51-year-old Tom Kilonzo died on October 16 after travelling to his village from Mombasa where he worked as a customs officer with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

A few days later, his mother and sister also died in quick succession.

“He had complained of chest pains when approaching home. The family took him to hospital the same evening but he never made it,” said the chief according to Daily Nation.

Domitila Munyoki, Illeve’s sister who had been battling diabetes died after spending a night in hospital on Sunday, a day after Ileve’s burial on Saturday.

On Tuesday, her mother, 90-year-old Anne Nzisiva Ileve passed on after complaining of having a headache and difficulty in breathing.

She was a case of “dead on arrival” to hospital.

Following the three deaths in quick succession, Health Chief Officer in Kitui Richard Muthoka said the county’s medical team has taken samples from 20 family members as investigations into the deaths continue.

There are fears that the family members may have succumbed to coronavirus.

 “The two bodies will be examined to rule out the doubts and fears surrounding the deaths. The three had interacted with one another,” Dr Muthoka said. 

“The first death was of an individual who had travelled from Mombasa, one of the Covid-19 hotspots.” 

Although it is not yet clear what caused the three deaths, contact tracing has begun.