Travellers from Texas, California, Florida exempted from mandatory 14-day quarantine in Kenya

Kenya Airways Boeing Plane. [Photo Courtesy]

The Kenyan government has lifted a 14-day mandatory quarantine for travellers from three states in the US in the latest review.

The government on Friday said that American citizens from California, Florida and Texas who had earlier been flagged as high-risk passengers are free to come to Kenya without being subjected to a 14-day mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

“All American citizens can now come to Kenya without having to undergo mandatory quarantine following the latest update on the list,” said Kenya Civil Aviation Authority director-general Gilbert Kibe.

These three states had been flagged for having high COVID-19 cases.

Now, all American travellers to require to be allowed to Kenya is a PCR-based COVID-19 certificate to ascertain that they are coronavirus-free.

They will also undergo basic screening at the airport for temperature checks before being allowed to proceed with their plans in Kenya.

KCAA’s review brings the total number of countries allowed into the country to 186.

When Kenya’s international flights resumed on August 1, there were only about 25 countries allowed into Kenya including the US – with the exemption of the three states – were allowed into the country.

KCAA has still flagged nine more countries citing their epidemiological situation. They are Algeria, DRC, Guinea, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belarus and the Philippines.

The allowance of travellers from California, Texas and Florida to come to Kenya marked the third review since August 1.

It comes against the backdrop of reducing COVID-19 cases in the country over the last month.

On Friday, the total number of cases recorded since March was 37,707 cases, a departure from over 700 daily cases recorded in July through to early August.