Trouble brewing for Jubilee in Coast as leaders demand audience with Uhuru within 72 hours or ditch the party

Trouble is brewing for President Uhuru Kenyatta led Jubilee Party in Coast as its affiliate leaders’ demand meeting with the President in 72 hours.

They issued the ultimatum on Saturday threatening to withdraw support for Uhuru.

The disgruntled leaders include Mombasa County chair Matano Chengo and Omen’s League chair for the county, Warda Ahmed.

Others are Kwale and Kilifi county chairmen Mohamed Kidzeru and John Mumba respectively.

The leaders cited they are frustrated with how Jubilee top leadership is dealing with Coast Jubilee leaders.

“Only a month is left to the elections…we will not be left behind. If we will not have met the President after 72 hours, we will meet here again to give the way forward,” retorted Chengo during a meeting at Coast Jubilee Party headquarters in Nyali.

The Mombasa JP chair noted some party stalwarts in Nairobi and parts of Coast region have been feeding the President with false information about JP campaigns.

They said there are some people who have been blocking meeting with the JP boss [Uhuru] every time they plan on articulating teething issues pertaining to the party and coast politics.

“They pretend to organize presidential campaign teams yet they know nothing about Coast politics. Let us not, as Jubilee, lose seats because of these brokers.”

“Coast politics is unique. It is not like in Nairobi or Rift Valley. We know our people best and are better placed to give reports on what is actually on the ground,” lamented Chengo.

The voices of dissent come two days after Jubilee lieutenants from Nairobi and Rift Valley pitched camp at Tononoka grounds on Thursday to officially launch Senatorial bid for Mombasa Deputy Governor Hazael Katana.

But JP leadership from the county did not attend the event saying they were left out in its planning.

“We were not consulted as party leaders. We were only invited as participants and had already organized our own meeting in Likoni which we could not abandon.”

Mumba on his part noted some aspirant vying on Jubilee ticket are using hypocritical because they only want to ral;y heir way to Parliament and County Assemblies but do not have the interest of the party at heart at all.

“People surrounding the President whenever he comes to the Coast are not selling the party or the President when they go to the campaign. They sell themselves as individuals,” he said.