Troubled past of ex-TPF star David Ogola painted by death will he wrote in 2018

David Ogola
Former Tusker Project Fame contestant David Ogola. [Photo: courtesy]

Days after being rescued from the streets, former Tusker Project Fame (TPF) contestant David Ogola Alias David Major has taken back Kenyans to a long ‘will’ he did on his Facebook page in December 2018.

It paints a picture of a man who was troubled.

He started off with by stating his wish to cremated upon his demise and his ashes scattered in Lake Naivasha which remains a favourite destination for him.

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“Been gone for a minute. Had some tough realizations to…well..realize that I feel the need to share. Don’t bury me somewhere. Cremate me & scatter my ashes over Lake Naivasha, one of my favorite places, had great times there, and scatter the rest near Ma’s grave,” he stated.

David is the son of the late Dr Margaret Ogola, a renowned author and pediatrician. She authored two books; The River and The River Source which at one time were used as set books.

She died in 2011 after succumbing to cancer.

In the post which David regarded as his “final will”, he said eulogized his mother as the best person and “I owe everything to you, my very existence as a matter of fact”.

David blamed his father for “behaving like a teenager”, cruel and being absent.

“…a man who either got off being cruel to you or who just didn’t know any better perhaps because he also had it rough growing up courtesy of an abusive father and step mums who got more attention and mistreated grandma’s brood whenever they could get away with it,” he posted.

Painting of a family that was troubled, he recalled an incident where he suffered a brain misfire and he would bite his tongue involuntarily but never got help because his dad could not pay his doctors

“My brain was misfiring for goodness sake and I was too busy biting the shit out of my tongue involuntarily to be squandering his money not to mention I didn’t have a phone so don’t know what his beef is. I was sitting there, not getting treated because the doc wasn’t getting paid as you guys bickered over nonsense..dude wouldn’t sedate me nothing…

“Then I thought of Mum some more. She didn’t raise me to live and die miserably like this…she gave up way too much..and I came to my senses, stuck my hands in my mouth and kept my jaw from chattering away till I got the help I needed. F*** my tongue up though, can’t talk right, eating is a major discomfort and even worse I can’t sing_man, the things we take for granted but I’m grateful I’m healing thanks to some very special people, you know who you are.”

He concluded by asking his younger sister Paullete to be the executor of his will.

Two years later, he would be found living in the streets but rescued by Mr Alvan Gatitu, a friend he met at TPF season two.

David is now in rehab.