Twitter lights up after Prof Makau Mutua reiterates he does not recognize Uhuru as President

Prof Makau Mutua. /FILE

New York based law scholar and a critic of Uhuru Kenyatta’s Presidency Prof Makau Mutua has said Raila Odinga won in the repeat Presidential polls.

Since Uhuru’s election in 2013, the law scholar has failed to recognize him as the duly elected President of Kenya.

He argues that about two-thirds of Kenyans heeded to the boycott call by Raila which is akin to voting.

Only a third voted for Uhuru which is below the threshold required to be declared as President.

“Two-thirds of Kenyans voted for Odinga by boycotting the election. Less than one-third voted for Kenyatta. Who’s the president?” he tweeted on Friday.

But Kenyans on Twitter could hear none of his argument.

They lynched him over this remark.

Skims said: “Very silly analytics ….turn out in August was 75%, just because someone did not vote does not mean they agree with NASA.”

John Ndung Benu: “Those in NASA…stop talking about the voter turnout..u can’t drop out in form 3 and you still want to discus KCSE results (sic).”

Mogaka Hillary: “Who is the President??? Sober up. The rebel leader Raila should go to the forest and perform hunting and gathering. Kenyatta it is.”

Swaleh Kassim: “elections are won by the number of votes cast, not those who missed to vote, I thought you were wiser to know that, now you know.”

Kukivi: “I did not vote I am tired of elections! Sorry, I do not support Raila.”

Catherine Mburu: “People like you discourage others from pursuing education. If this is what it makes people to reason.”

Godfrey: “Boycotting is not voting or when did it evolve to become one. @RailaOdinga is a Leader of a rebel group just like Risk machar [Riek Machar].”