Two Mwea beauties spiking drinks paraded before cameras for Kenyans to see them

Two suspects arrested in Ngurubani Mwea for spiking drinks. [Photo: Courtesy]

For revellers in Ngurubani town, Mwea Kirinyaga County, walking to a bar for a drink has become hazardous thanks to a crop of young spiking their drinks gunning for quick riches.

However, police over the weekend arrested two of the women who have been behind a spate of spiking drinks in the town.

Mwea East OCPD Daniel Kitavi they had received numerous reports about these incidents until one victim was hospitalized recently.

The two women who were paraded before cameras for Kenyans to see them are said to have drugged the unsuspecting reveler and even tried to withdraw money from his bank account but failed.

Suspects arrested in Ngurubani, Mwea for spiking drinks. [Photo: Kameme FM]

“They went to Co-operative Bank to withdraw money but it was not successful,” Mwea East OCPD said.

They would later go to Equity Bank for the same but did not withdraw anything.

Sources say the two women storm the town on Friday where they pay for a lodging and plan their moves before heading out to the clubs to execute their illegal trade.

Kitavi urged victims not to fear and report their cases and follow them up with investigating officers.

Cases of women spiking drinks in clubs has been on the rise in the last month.

Four people have been arrested in Kiambu and Nyeri Counties respectively over this.

In early March, a woman from Kikuyu constituency spiked a man’s drink and went stole Ksh184,000 from him.

Mchele queen
Suspect accused of spiking a man’s drink in Kikuyu Town and robbed him Ksh184,000 and further took a Ksh600,000 loan from Equity Bank using his phone. [Photo: YouTube]

She would later apply for a Ksh600,000 mobile loan from Equity Bank.

Less than two weeks ago, three women from Nyeri County were arrested after drugging a seminarian and robbing him.

The man of the cloth is said to have invited two of the women Caroline Kariuki and Caroline Wanjiku to his house in Skuta Estate.

After an eventful night, the seminarian got a shock on his life after waking up to a nearly empty house yet all he recalls was having fun with the two women while his house was full.

It is then that he realized he had been drugged and robbed. 

Police recovered an assortment of phones, laptops, drugs and documents from the suspects’ house.

Nyeri Queens
Caroline Kariuki, Caroline Wanjiku and Rita Achieng. [Photo: Courtesy]