Tycoon Jamal Roho Safi takes off after his two wives’ night drama in Syokimau

Jamal Roho Safi with his first wife Amira and second wife Amber Ray
Jamal Roho Safi with his first wife Amira and second wife Amber Ray. [Photo: Courtesy]

There was drama on Tuesday night at city businessman Jam Roho Safi’s Syokimau home as his first wife Amira confronted his second wife Amber Ray.

Trouble began at 9:40 pm when Amber Ray went live on Instagram, relaying the drama in real-time to over 15,000 people on her feed.

She said that Amira walked to her house with five other women and started insulting her.

Fed up, she gave them a good scolding saying it is not her fault that Jamal chose her as a second wife.

Amber Ray, known for her strong social media presence, said she was in the kitchen when the uninvited guest arrived.

“Mimi niko kwa jikoni naskia shetani, mrogi…Anakuja kwangu kufanya nini? Ati coz mimi ni bibi wa pili ninyanyaswe? (I was in the kitchen when I heard her (Amira) call me names, satan, a witch…why did she come to my house? Just because I’m the second wife, I won’t st down and watch her insult me). I never seduced her man,” Amber defended herself.

Amira, who was fired up, shifted blame to her husband, slamming him for pursuing a second wife.

“I blame Jamal.Yeye ndio ameleta hii situation yote. (He is the one who has brought about this situation),” Amira said.

When the situation got out of hand and neighbors came out to find out what was happening, Jamal took off, leaving his two wives to square it out in public.

“Ndio mimi niko, mke mwenza. Amekuja kwangu kunichokora, kieleweke (I’m your co-wife, you (Amira) came to my house to harass me. This should be put to rest… “Go and deal with Jamal not me,” Amber retorted.

A few weeks back, Amira told Massawe Japani of Radio Jambo in her show that she will never accept Amber Ray as her co-wife.

She faulted Jamal for hiding the truth from her on his intention to marry a second wife as dictated by Islam.

“I never knew and it will never be okay for me. I learnt about it through social media,” Amira stated.