[Video] Uhuru assured of victory over Raila after forgiving “dark brotherhood” led by Maraga-Mutahi Ngunyi

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s strategy of fighting darkness with light is working, says political analyst Prof Mutahi Ngunyi.

Ngunyi in his weekly political show, the Fifth Estate streamed on You Tube notes Uhuru’s move to forgive “the dark brotherhood of the law” led by  Chief Justice David Maraga is working for him.

“Uhuru’s strategy of fighting darkness with light is working in my view. His ability to forgive the sin of treason and deceit is a gift of God. Forgiving Maraga is more powerful than fighting Maraga,” says he.

“Accepting the injustices of fresh elections is more powerful than burning [the] country to prove that he’s right. Uhuru has therefore joined the brotherhood of non-violence established by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jnr. This is why a non-violent Uhuru will triumph over a violent Raila,” he added.

Ngunyi goes on to explain that even in the crisis the country is in, there could be salvation in the Kamba nation.

He says the Maraga ruling did not give Raila a second chance but gave the Kamaba nation a second chance to redeem the country which they can only do with isolating Raila.

“The Maraga ruling did not give Raila a second chance. It gave the Kamba nation a second chance to redeem the country and they can only do this by isolating Raila.

If Kalonzo sticks with Raila, he will perish, He will bury his loved ones as a bitter man but if Kalonzo isolates Raila, and becomes Uhuru’s Prime Minister; then Kalonzo will also be safe.”

Ngunyi says Kalonzo should not be part of Raila’s history therefore; this is the time to isolate himself.

A panelist in the Fifth Estate and a law scholar, J.M cites that Uhuru should finish Raila once and for all.

P.G, another law scholar and a panelist in the show notes that there is no way Raila can beat Uhuru in the repeat polls.

“Can Raila beat Uhuru? The answer is zero. Uhuru is at 8.2 million votes and counting meanwhile, Raila is at 6.7 million votes and reducing. The distance is clear,” says he.

By Pharis Kinyua. He’s an online Journalist and an author for Jamhuri News