Uhuru gifts car to PSV operator who breached protocol to reach him

President Uhuru Kenyatta. [courtesy]

When 29-year-old Elijah Muraguri breached protocol to get the ear of President Uhuru Kenyatta, he never imagined that one day, it would pay off.

He went against the odds and delivered a handwritten note to the President during a public function in Murang’a on April 26. Uhuru was in the county for the funeral service of Kenya’s multi-party hero Kenneth Matiba.

The PSV driver at the time was hounded to the police cells for five days as security apparatus tried to unravel why he would breach such a high-level security condone for the President.

But today, he is a man full of bliss. The President gifted him a brand new Toyota Probox which he intends to convert to a taxi at Giakanja, in Nyeri County where he hails from.

Muraguri had requested the President in his note to advance his Sh880, 000. He was optimistic his daring mission would finally pay off.

“After I learnt he will be at Ihura Stadium I wrote a letter and sought for divine intervention to enable me accomplish my mission. After the function came to an end I was locked in Murang’a police cells for five days,” said the recipient of Uhuru’s philanthropic nature.

He has never been to Murang’a before but the zeal to make his request to the President drove him to Ihura stadium.

“It was my first time in Murang’a and I knew about the venue from the numerous radio announcements of the Matiba’s burial ceremony.”

On Monday, while going about his day-to-day activities, he received a call from State House operatives asking him to head to Murang’a County Commissioner’s office where the vehicle was presented.

He was later escorted to Giakanja by the State House operatives where he broke the good news to villagers. They could not believe it.

“I will remain grateful to the Head of State for having come to my rescue by buying a vehicle that will help me venture into taxi business.”

Charges that were to be preferred on Muraguri for creating the disturbance at Ihura stadium were dropped on Monday by Murang’a East DCIO Japheth Maingi on Monday.