”Uhuru Kenyatta has no affiliation w/ UMass Amherst”- Says UMass as Amherst College ends twitter replies on the matter

Amherst College will no longer reply separately to requests with respect to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s education and graduation. The institution said its choice was provoked by too many inquiries on Mr. Kenyatta graduating in 1985 from the prestigious college in Massachusetts.

Amherst College last week confirmed that indeed, president Kenyatta graduated with a degree in economics and political science, after Kenyans on Twitter overwhelmingly demanded that the college authenticates the president’s academic credentials.

Some Kenyan’s have for a long time believed President Uhuru attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst (Umass Amherst). This caused many Kenyans to direct their tweets to the University.

Umass Amherst responded with a statement saying “Uhuru Kenyatta has no affiliation w/ UMass Amherst. He attended Amherst College, a different school in the same town”.

President’s critics have continued to ask for more details about Kenyatta’s education background and achievements at the college, even after the school made the announcement that they will no longer be individually responding to queries related to the matter.

The college featured some of the tweets from Kenyans in its daily bulletin for April 4th edition.

“How President Uhuru Kenyatta got his economics degree @AmherstCollege is wanting,” tweeted a Kenyan identified as Sururu Salaash. “He is getting it wrong on everything economic!”

“The guy has killed our economy, that’s why we want to know if indeed he studied there,” tweeted Mongare Richard.

The college refused to release Kenyatta’s grades citing school’s privacy policy.

The concerns with Kenyans are as a result of multiple cases of fake degrees that have been unearthed in the recent past, particularly within politicians seeking elective posts that require university degrees.